Complex Recycling Services

Complex Recycling Services
Generally there are two different types of complexes.


  1. Those who have a communal rubbish area.
  2. Those where people keep their rubbish at their units.

These two different types of complexes require different recycling solutions.


How it works

For complexes with communal rubbish areas

The best thing to do here is to place a number of blue and white wheelie bins into this area. Residents will then keep their recyclables separate from their other waste and place it into the coloured bins. We will collect the bins on a fortnightly basis or weekly basis.

Complexes where rubbish is kept at each unit.

In this situation each unit will need a bin in which to place their recyclable materials. On a set day these bins will need to be taken down to the gate where we will collect and empty them.

What can I recycle?

We collect nearly all household recycling. Paper, plastics, glass, cans, tins and E-waste.

How do I get started?

Please email us on to sign up.

We will then do all the necessary paper work and arrange to deliver the bins to your complex.

You will then be allocated a collection day and sent a list of collection dates as well as a list of what can and can’t be recycled.

This will be delivered to the body corporate who will distribute them to each unit.