Office Recycling Service

Office Recycling Service
Have you ever sat down and wondered how much of an impact your office has on the environment?

We have, and it scared us.

A few facts…

For every ton of paper recycled we save…

  • - 17 trees
  • - 4000kw of energy
  • - 15 000 litres of water
  • - 27kg’s of air pollution
  • - 2.2 cubic meters in landfill space

The average person uses about 50kg’s of paper a year.

54kg’s of recycled newspaper will save 1 tree.

54kg’s of recycled newspaper will save 1 tree.

Every tree can provide enough oxygen for 3 people to breath.

Every tree can provide enough oxygen for 3 people to breath

So, how can you make a difference?

By signing up for Whole Earth Recycling’s office recycling collection service you will be able to recycle all your office’s recyclable material.

How does the office recycling collection service work?

  • We provide the office with blue recycling refuse bags on the first collection day of every month.
  • The recyclables (paper, cardboard, certain plastics, glass, cans and cartons such as Tetra Pak) can all be placed in the same blue recycling refuse bags- Hawk Flight take care of the sorting. We also collect electronic waste- anything with a plug, however we do not collect batteries and light bulbs.
  • One of the benefits of making use of our recycling collection service is that offices do not have to sort their recycling into different bags i.e. all of the recycling can be placed into one blue recycling refuse bag.
  • We collect the recycling from a designated collection point (usually in the existing waste area). We ask that all of the recycling is taken to this one point so that it can be easily accessed by our collection team.
  • Our team are happy to collect the recycling from wheelie bins, however we ask that the contents of the bins are in blue recycling refuse bags (or blue wheelie bin liners) for ease of collection. Alternatively the bins can be emptied into bulk bags in the waste area and our team can collect these.
  • We collect the recycling every week on a designated day of the week.
Isn’t it time you started taking responsibility for your waste?