It's more than recycling

What Whole Earth is all about

Why use Whole Earth Recycling?

We take the hassle out of recycling

Hassle-Free Vibes

From the beginning, Whole Earth Recycling has been committed to offering hassle-free recycling solutions with a personalised service that suits you and your lifestyle. 

Waste Collections

We collect your recycling from your residence or place of work.

Sorting Made Easy

You don’t have to sort your recycling – just put the recyclable items into the relevant recycling and/or organic kitchen waste bin and we’ll do the rest!

Community Development

Choosing Whole Earth Recycling means you’re choosing to support a community, which includes 24 Hawk Flight sorters and a team of around 40 people, from the admin team to the drivers and truck assistants, as well as everyone in between.

Where it all started

Our Story

Whole Earth Recycling was founded at Cluny Farm in 2007 with just four sorters. Our intention was to provide a reliable and hassle-free recycling solution to people interested in recycling, but who didn’t quite know where to start. Eventually, Whole Earth found a home in Strijdom Park, where we launched a project to uplift the community through job creation and education. 

Hawk Flight

Whole Earth Recycling collects different recyclable materials which are sorted by Hawk Flight, a group of 24 sorters who generate an income for themselves by sorting and selling the materials to local buy-back centres.

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Whole Earth Organic Farm

This year, in July 2022, we launched the Whole Earth Organic Farm, extending our recycling solutions to include organic kitchen waste composting making Whole Earth Johannesburg’s first official large-scale wet and dry recycling curb side collectors!

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