Cans / Metal

Cans / Metal

Recycling these materials helps us to make…

Assorted metal products including vehicle parts and ornaments.
  • Beverage cans – eg cooldrink & beer (aluminium)
  • Food tins – eg dog food, coffee, beans (steel)
  • Clean paint tins
  • Steel oil drums
  • Aerosol cans eg.deodorant, hair spray, polish
  • Braai grids, sieves, dish drainers
  • Metal Aluminum (frames, doors and gates)
  • Light Steel (Roofing Zinc)
  • Heavy Steel (windows frames) by arrangement please
  • Aluminium/tin foil
  • Aluminium food trays
Remember all dirty cans need to be washed first
  • Gas bottles
  • Door handles,
  • locks,
  • nuts,
  • bolts

Benefits of recycling cans & metal

  • Recycling just one can saves enough energy to run a 100w light bulb for 3 hours.
  • Creating products from new aluminium uses 100 times the power as using recycled aluminium

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  1. “When recycling cans it is important that the can is at least rinsed out first. Dirty cans in the recycling centre can create problems with rats.”

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