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Introducing Hawk Flight

Our Community Development Programme

When we say we believe that there’s no act too small to make a difference, we believe it! And it’s no more clear for us than when it comes to our Community Development Program. 

The Community Development Program has grown from humble beginnings of just four sorters to a team of 24, each of whom generate an income for themselves by sorting and selling recyclable materials to local buy-back centres!

Introducing Hawk Flight

They call themselves Hawk Flight, and without the income they generate from sorting recyclables collected by Whole Earth Recycling, they would be forced to rummage through Municipal refuse bins in search of recyclables to sell – which can be degrading and dirty work, given the frequency for such bins to contain everything from expired food to dirty diapers!

By partnering with Whole Earth Recycling, Hawk Flight are able to do their important work in a safe and dignified environment, sorting up to 120 tons of recyclable material every single month!

How you can help

By signing up to recycle with Whole Earth Recycling, and making sure all of your recyclable materials are clean when you put them into the refuse bags, you’re directly helping Hawk Flight.

And if you ever have any blankets or clothing in good condition that you’d like to donate to the Hawk Flight team, please contact us directly and we’ll happily make a special collection to pass it on to them.

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