Recycling these materials helps us to make…

Glass bottles, highway reflectors, fiberglass, lamp shades, vases

The items can be recycled:


  • Cooldrink bottles
  • Beer bottles
  • Sauce bottles
  • Wine bottles
  • Jam Jars
  • Spice bottles
Remember all dirty glass items need to be rinsed first
The items can NOT be recycled:


  • Drinking Glasses Ceramics,
  • cups and plates
  • Light bulbs (can be dropped off at builders warehouse)
  • Mirrors
  • Window glass
  • Car windscreens &
  • light covers

Benefits of recycling glass

Each ton of recycled glass saves us about

  • 18 litres of oil,
  • 1.5 cubic meters of landfill space,
  • 5.5kg’s of air pollution and
  • enough energy to run a TV solidly for 13 days.


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