Community Development Program

Community Development Program

Hawk Flight

(the name given by our 11 very dedicated sorters)

is the name of our community development partnership.

This partnership, which Whole Earth has with our sorters, is one whereby they own all the recyclables that we collect and any money made from these materials goes directly to them.

This in turn allows them to create a jobs, and a sustainable business in which they are able to increase their earnings.

By supporting us you are supporting them.

You can also help by our community development project by ensuring that the materials you are recycling are the correct materials and that they are clean.

If they aren’t rinsed we aren’t able to recycle them so please just run them under the tap for a second before dropping them in the bin. This mainly applies to plastic containers, sauce bottles and polystyrene trays.

Also try to recycle as much as possible.

Every little bit helps.

Waste removal is the biggest expense in recycling and that is why we would like to stress the importance of the correct materials being sent for recycling.

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