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Let's learn more about recycling

Why recycle?

Did you know? South Africans generate 122 million tonnes of waste per year, and only 10% of this is recycled or recovered for other uses, while 90% is landfilled or dumped illegally.

If you’re still wondering “Why recycle?”, you may not yet realise the challenge we’re facing:

Our Country Needs You

Less than 10% of waste in South Africa is recycled.

The Environment Needs You

A huge amount of recyclable waste ends up in our rivers and oceans, on our beaches, and in rapidly filling landfills.

Our resources are dwindling

Our resources are dwindling as the human population continues to grow (due to hit 9 billion by 2050), crippling the sustainability of the planet and putting extreme pressure on the environment.

The time to act is NOW!

At Whole Earth, we aim to make doing good as easy as 1, 2, 3! Simply fill in the registration form for your Business, Complex or Private Residence, and we’ll get in touch to confirm your recycling service, collection days, and answer any additional question you might have.

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Did you know?

Recycling conserves our Earth’s irreplaceable natural resources and also helps mitigate the environmentally damaging process of mining or harvesting new and as-yet-unused materials.

Recycling also has a bigger positive impact than saving the environment – it inspires job creation through the collection, separation and reprocessing of recyclable materials.

It decreases the amount of waste disposed of at landfills and other waste management sites, preventing negative health, safety and environmental impact

For every ton of paper recycled, we save:




of energy

15 000

litres of water


of air pollution

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