Why use wholeearth?

Why use Whole Earth Recycling?

  • Whole Earth Recycling provides a simple, reliable and hassle-free way to recycle.
  • All of your recycling can be placed into the same blue recycling refuse bags – you don’t have to sort the recyclable material into different bags.
  • We collect your recycling every week, except on public holidays.
  • Whole Earth Recycling provides a personalised service.
  • By supporting Whole Earth Recycling you are supporting a wonderful community based project; a group of 24 sorters calling themselves Hawk Flight.
  • By recycling you are contributing towards job creation (a total of around 40 people), through the Whole Earth Recycling admin team, the drivers, and the truck assistants (loaders) as well as the community based project, while reducing the impact that we are having on our environment. Every little bit helps!
Why is it important to Recycle?


  • Conserves our irreplaceable natural resources.
  • Prevents the waste of potentially useful materials
  • Avoids the environmentally damaging process of mining or harvesting new virgin materials.
  • Creates employment through collection, separation and reprocessing of recyclables.
  • Decreases amount of waste disposed at landfill sites thus reducing the negative health, safety and environmental impacts resulting from waste disposal at landfill sites.