Community Development Program



Our Community Development Program

  • The recyclable material that Whole Earth Recycling collects is sorted by the Hawk Flight team, currently a group of 24 sorters.
  • Hawk Flight generate an income for themselves by sorting and selling the material to local buy-back centres.
  • This is Hawk Flight’s only source of income and without it they could be rummaging through Municipal refuse bins (in most cases mixed with expired food etc.) in order to gather recyclables to sell.
  • Currently Hawk Flight sorts up to 120 tons of recyclable material every month!
  • If Whole Earth Recycling collects more recyclable material, Hawk Flight are able to sort this material and increase their earnings.

How you can help Hawk Flight

  • Just by recycling you are helping Hawk Flight.
  • Please let us know if you would like to donate blankets or clothes that are still in good condition but don’t fit anymore – please don’t put old torn clothes in your recycling bags as they can’t be recycled.
  • Please make sure that there is no residual liquid or food waste in your plastic and glass bottles, glass jars, plastic food packaging, food and beverage cans and cartons, especially in summer months as this can be very unpleasant for the sorters.
  • Only place recyclable material into your blue recycling refuse bags!

*Did you know that if you throw non-recyclable waste into your blue recycling refuse bags Hawk Flight and/or Whole Earth Recycling have to pay a waste company to come and collect the material and take it to landfill?!*